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Japanese Restaurant Origami

location: Jinan, China

design team: Marko Korošec, Dušica Oparnica, Ivana Radović, Vanja Paunović

area: 500.0 sqm 

project year: 2016​​​

Fit House

location: Belgrade, Serbia

design team: Marko Korošec, Dušica Oparnica

area: 40.0 sqm 

project year: 2015

street art: Nikola Mihajlović


RemorkerArchitects are commissioned for a project of interior design that would define a new visual identity for the already existing healthy food production company. The concept would offer an exposed process of food preparation to the visiting guests.


Limited to no more than 25sqm of space, the shop, on one hand, gives visitors insight to the production line, and on the other reminds the users of how important it is to keep one’s body fit and healthy. The design of store’s interior is suggestive and educational. It gives associations to the healthy lifestyle – outdoor activities, sports, and healthy food, all of which are incorporated in the small area given to the users. Passing through the entrance area which is reserved to the recreation details one would eventually come to the vendor stand that resembles the green market, offering the feeling of fresh food right from its source. All the elements of the interior such as bench, chairs or vendor stand are designed to follow this concept.


The outdoor garden gives street workout aesthetics to the visitor. Benches and other sport and gym items provide the association to the good feeling one experiences after hard training.


The materials used are rough – concrete and steel. They give the necessary feeling of strength to the space that is about to remind us that what we are is what our habits are.


Mens sana in corpore sano.



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