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Japanese Restaurant Origami

location: Jinan, China

design team: Marko Korošec, Dušica Oparnica, Ivana Radović, Vanja Paunović

area: 500.0 sqm 

project year: 2016​​​

Caffe Dalton Belgrade

location: Belgrade, Serbia

design team: Marko Korošec, Dušica Oparnica

co-workers: Darko Rašeta

area: 65.0 sqm 

project year: 2015


Café Dalton is a well-known cafe in the center of Zemun, Belgrade. A traditional meeting point and a favorite drinking and chatting spot for young and old. The client’s wish was for a complete redesign and a makeover that would bring more story to its famous name.


The black and white stripes from Dalton brother’s prison wardrobe become a central theme of this project. The main objective of the task was to bring the comic to the visiting guests but not to bring too much of it. The great photo print of the comic on the feature wall together with the striped furniture did the trick.

Warm and comfortable, yet dynamic and innovative, the design offers a modern approach to Lucky Luke’s theme.



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