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Residential complex Belgrade 

location: Belgrade Waterfront

design team: Marko Korošec, Dušica Totić, Milan Katić, Bogdan Milićević, Hristina Tošić, Ivana Tijanić, Jelena Jovović, Jelena Rakonjac, Ana Brkić

area: 130 000 sqm 

project year: 2021





These circular towers are designed as majestic pillars that rise endlessly to the sky.

They are both firm and elegant. Organic and geometrical at the same time.

They start with a façade covered in a strong urban grid of squared windows that slowly dissolve into elegant vertical strips of thin bris solei as our eyes head to the skies.

The transformation in geometry is so effective that it caches and holds the imagination of a spectator.

Built in white vertical aluminum panels and gray horizontal contact façade.

Designed to be 80m high in this presentation, their height can be played with in order to achieve more apartments or different block proportions.



A horizontal base that holds the entire block together and serves as foundation on which the towers are built

Covered in a transparent net that slides where the windows and terraces are

This monolithic solid block becomes dynamic as future tenants start to use it.

It floats above the ground and over the windows of shops and lobbies, touching the earth occasionally giving it the feel of levitation.





Covered in greenery they are a true urban garden appreciated by the tenants inside the towers.

The rooftop pool with best views over the Belgrade tower reserved for the residents of the block.




The glass façade of the ground floor is moved inside the block giving pedestrians the feel of protection and security

Large glass façade panels are 5 meters high covering exclusive shops with galleries inside.

Lobbies that lead to the apartments have entrances both to the street and to the inner side of the block.

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