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Japanese Restaurant Origami

location: Jinan, China

design team: Marko Korošec, Dušica Oparnica, Ivana Radović, Vanja Paunović

area: 500.0 sqm 

project year: 2016​​​

Apartment in Novi Sad

location: Novi Sad, Serbia

design team: Marko Korošec, Dušica Oparnica

area: 70.0 sqm 

project year: 2015


Old flat was redesigned to better suit the needs of a modern family’s life. Small room walls were torn down to make place for an open space living room with an open kitchen and a dining room. Additional toilet was proposed and a new modern kitchen island was introduced. 

The cooking place becomes the central point of the living space. It brought back the feeling of a camp fire, a place where the family gathers together and welcomes the guests. 

A special attention was given to the light. The plaster ceiling with light lines is circling the living room and emphasizing the main circulation route in the flat. The same light lines continue through the corridor and in to the toilette and bathroom, giving the same flow and connection to all the rooms in the apartment.

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